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Proofing tips

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Proof reading is a critical, yet too often neglected, step in graphic design and production. Carrie Chase at CTI Paper Group offers some helpful tips in a recent e-zine article that came into my inbox. Here’s an excerpt:

Ideally, we’d all have someone else proof our advertising and marketing copy. Let someone else—anyone else—be responsible for signing off on that final proof before it’s forever set in print. Unfortunately, there isn’t always someone else, and even when there is, you should proofread your own copy carefully.

Don’t find out the hard way whether or not your career can withstand a $12,000 mistake.

Follow the ten tips below, and sign off on that final proof with confidence.

Click here to see her ten proof reading tips!

Excerpt reprinted with permission from CTI Paper group. Thanks!

The Dangers of Placeholder Text

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

I saw this in this morning’s Star Tribune, on the cover of the Taste section. Often times, when creating a design before the copy is ready, a designer will use placeholder text to show how many words will fit within a space.

When the copy is written, the idea is to replace the placeholder text with the real text.

In this example, the headline is real, but the subhead still has the placeholder text. Every designer’s nightmare! Let’s hope the poor chap has learned his lesson and gets to keep his job!