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Perspectives Poster Design

Friday, October 2nd, 2009


Mix Creative created this poster design to promote the upcoming Twin Cities Women’s Choir concert, Perspectives. The concert, which feature singers/songwriters Ann Reed and Brianna Reed will premier a composition for the 140-voice choir that is the compilation of the two performers’ unique perspectives.

In designing this poster, we used profiles of the singers/songwriters overlaid with dynamic, colorful, contrasting circles to represent their unique musical perspectives. The circles also symbolize many parts combining to form a musical whole, as with the women’s voices in the choir. A rich sense of texture mimics the corresponding depth of the musicians’ compositions. The poster maintains a sense of informality with its typography, conveying to the viewer that Perspectives is a dynamic, celebratory concert.

For more about Perspectives and the Twin Cities Women’s Choir 2009-2010 Season (including tickets), visit their site:

The poster was printed by local Saint Paul printer,

Taste Section Poster Retrospective

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

The Star Tribune’s Taste section celebrates it’s 40th anniversary today with a look back at some of their memorable poster-like section covers. Check them out for yourself:

Tastes First Cover

Taste's First Cover