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Mix Creative to Speak at Back to Business Symposium

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012


We’re delighted to be included as a  morning and afternoon breakout session presenter at this summer’s Back to Business WIN Summer Symposium. The theme of the symposium is to tap into the “back to school” spirit and dive into concrete learning, planning and implementation to grow business and revenue.

Mix Creative’s Katrina Hase will be presenting her popular “Recipe for a Marketing Plan that Works” talk in both morning and afternoon breakout sessions. The session will include the basics of marketing your business, creating a marketing plan, and implementing your plan using a marketing calendar. You’ll gain access to a marketing worksheet and calendar template if you attend the talk.

Half day registration starts at just $49! Click here for registration information.

Just the facts:

Wednesday, August 15
8:00-8:30: Registration check-in, informal networking, continental breakfast
8:30am-Noon: Morning sessions
Noon-3:30pm: Register for the full day and stay for networking over lunch and aftenoon sessionsOptional – 3:30-5:30pm: Invitation to network further and celebrate WIN’s 10th Anniversary over Happy Hour at Kip’s restaurant at the Marriott just down the street

University of Phoenix
435 Ford Road
St. Louis Park, MN 55426
Free ramp parking
Click here for map with driving directions


MORNING session includes:

  • Continental breakfast and informal networking
  • Plenary Session 1:
    How to Win Business in a Socially Connected World

    Jeff Ferrazzo, Social Media Expert, Constant Contact
  • Plenary Session 2:
    Strategic Messaging that Inspires Change and Builds Brand Ambassadors

    Melissa DeLay, Communication Strategist, TruPerception
  • Your choice of 3 breakout sessions:

    -Create a Marketing Plan that Works
    Katrina Hase, Marketing and Design Expert, Mix Creative

    -The other “take action” breakouts are being confirmed and will be posted very soon!

FULL-DAY session also includes:

  • Lunch and informal networking
  • Your choice of 3 breakout sessions:

    -Create a Marketing Plan that Works
    Katrina Hase, Marketing and Design Expert, Mix Creative

    -The other “take action” breakouts are being confirmed and will be posted very soon!

    -Optional working session in the computer labs to implement what you’ve learned from the morning sessions (Jeff Ferrazzo and Melissa DeLay available to assist and answer your questions)

  • Afternoon wrap up session: Hands-on time to carry forward what you learned from today!
  • Invitation to continue connections over Happy Hour at the Kips in the Marriott (a short walk down the street) from 3:30-5:30pm!

Beyond the Trifold: Make your brochure stand out in the crowd

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

If you own or market a business, you probably have (or know you need to have) a brochure to hand out at business events and trade expos or mail to prospects. Brochures tell your story, describe your company’s vision, list your capabilities and hopefully help you close sales. And because everyone including your competition has one, your brochure should convey your brand and stand out in the crowd. Here’s how.

Think BIG: Opt for an oversized piece. A standard brochure is 11″ x 8.5″ when unfolded, but you could go as big as 17″ x 11″ or larger. Printing companies are catching onto this trend and catering to the idea that bigger is better. Large pieces allow you to use more or larger photos and branding elements, and give you more flexibility in design. Plus, among a sea of sales pieces your brochure pops!

Fold in a fresh way: Illustrate how exceptional your business really is! Rather than a tri-fold brochure, try a single horizontal or vertical crease to create a finished size that stands out and makes your brand more memorable.

Rework the rectangle. Consider creating a brochure that’s square or round.  Printers often have pre-made dies in several sizes to round corners or cut a custom shape that can add character to your design.

Book it. Hold the fold altogether. Instead, print individual pages and bind them together. Choose a material or method that supports your brand.  Hardware like eyelets, brads or screws would work well for manufacturers, building contractors, and brands that mean business. Ribbon and twine for caterers and chefs, interior designers and companies with an organic, softer side. Or maybe something flexible like rubber bands or decorative paper clips for brands that are playful or young at heart.

Add a layer of good looks. Attach a CD, business card, or sticky note.  Include a pocket or two stuffed with samples or photos of your work. Perforate a page for prospects to return to you. Or place the brochure in a colorful or uniquely-sized envelope. Little extras go a long way in catching (and holding) the attention of an admirer.

Are you ready to rethink your brochure? Call us at 612.226.5717 or email us to discuss your project and review our portfolio of ideas!

Need for brochure info? Check out our post, Found: An Equation for Calculating Trifolds!


Planning a marketing budget for your company

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Few people would argue that having a budget for office supplies, personnel, or vendor services is a good idea. But too often, people approach their marketing in a scattered fashion—creating a piece of marketing collateral as the need arises, or placing an ad when a good deal comes their way. The result? Overspending on some projects, underspending on others, and an overall inconsistent message to your target audiences.

The solution? Plan your marketing budget for the year, then spend it strategically.

As a rule of thumb, many experts suggest spending 8-10% of your annual budget on marketing. This is helpful, but it’s also important to ask yourself about your marketing goals as they relate to your company’s overall exposure and branding.

For example, if you’re a new company, your budget should be larger than 10% of your expected annual revenue to accommodate the need for basic start-up materials, such as a logo, website, business cards, business stationery and marketing collateral.

If you have an established company with a strong client base, perhaps you’ll plan your budget with the objective of staying in front of your audiences through primarily advertising efforts.

Finally, if your company is going through a transition or needs to change to meet the times, you should plan to spend a little more to re-communicate your brand through a logo refresh, website makeover, and updated marketing collateral. Don’t forget a roll-out advertising campaign to let your clients know how you’re changing!

Wherever your business falls on this continuum, know that your marketing budget will need to encompass a range of products and services, including many of the following:

  • marketing consultation, planning, or market research
  • graphic design services
  • media purchasing
  • printing services
  • website hosting
  • website programming
  • copywriting
  • video production
  • professional photography
  • model fees

Confused about what you may need? Get suggestions from your agency. They’ve likely worked with companies of many sizes, and can help you prioritize your marketing needs based on experience, and even give you ballpark estimates of costs. Better yet, if you know your budget, enlist your agency to help you spend it strategically. They can help you determine where it makes sense to cut costs and where it may make sense to spend a little more.

Here are a few more resources to consider when planning your company’s marketing budget: