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Recent work: Commercial Real Estate Editorial

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Every now and then I like to share the process behind our work. This recent project was for a proposed editorial feature about investing in the condo market. We wanted a strong image to convey the content, and decided original photography would be the best option.

After scouting locations in Minneapolis, Mix Creative created a shot list and set the time and date for the shoot with Rod Wilson, of Andrews Photography. Mix arranged for a model, selected apparel and accessories, and art directed the shoot.

Our model braves the cold to make a wardrobe change.

Our model braves the cold to make a wardrobe change.

The day of the shoot, we moved quickly to get the shot that we needed. We tried several poses and backgrounds, including a new trick Rod cooked up of using a security mirror to add another dimension to the photo. We loved how this tied in with the “See yourself in the condo market” headline.

Rod suggests using a security mirror.

Rod suggests using a security mirror.

An alternate location and pose. Rod used a wide angle lens to give a sense of scale.

An alternate location and pose. Rod used a wide angle lens to give a sense of scale.

After the shoot, we selected our favorites to download to DVD over pizza at Punch.

Rod Wilson never stops looking for the perfect camera angle!

Rod Wilson never stops looking for the perfect camera angle!

The final product (designed by Mix Creative)!


Photo shoots are SO glamorous!

Friday, September 19th, 2008

We recently shot a fall collection for one of our clients, Schuler Shoes. As I mentioned before in this blog, there’s a lot of preparation, coordination, and hard work that goes into a photo shoot. Our photographer, Rod Wilson of Andrews Photography, captured the feeling perfectly in this shot (the girl on the right is my niece, Abby, who so generously volunteered her time for the day!):

Many thanks to our friends at Birch Clothing who loaned us the womens’ fashions for the day. Thanks also to our models, Kim Davison and Tony Hase—who found themselves hauling clothes and shoes from one location to the next, perching on uneven surfaces, and even climbing rock faces! And of course, thanks to Jennifer Lavine at Schuler Shoes, for coordinating with all of the vendors, helping us dream up the shots and for trusting us to make them shine!

Some examples of the final product:



















Retouching photos: a case study

Monday, September 8th, 2008

There’s a lot of work that goes into each photo shoot we do for clients: sourcing the clothing and props, finding a location and getting permission to shoot there, hiring models, preparing the page layouts and determining the poses, and of course getting the product in that will be featured. The day of the shoot is an exciting rush of hunting down the best light, coordinating props, clothing and models, and managing time for each shot. Then there’s the post-production: color correction, image retouching, resizing, layout and proofing.

On a recent project, we were delighted with a photo of a model in a great pair of boots. The vendor was delighted with the photo too, but realized they had sent us the wrong color. We knew we had to reshoot, but our model was no longer available. What to do? The client liked everything else about the photo.

The answer, reshoot in as similar a location and pose as the original photo, then combine the two photographs in post-production.

In the original photo, we liked the styling and the pose, but had received the wrong boots from the vendor.

Original photo with the wrong boots

We liked the lighting and the boots in the new shot, but preferred the styling and pose from the original photograph.

We selected the boots from the second shot and brought them into the first one

We selected the sky and background from the second shot and updated the first shot. We adjusted the levels and drop shadows to match the new lighting.

The final picture: a blend of the two photos that met the client’s expectations!

Mix Creative turns 1!

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Happy 1st year, Mix Creative! As we celebrate our first full year of business as Mix Creative, we’d like to say a big THANK YOU to our awesome clients who made it possible! It’s truly a pleasure to associate with such intelligent, driven, and creative people every day.

To mark our one-year milestone, I thought it would be fun to reflect on some accomplishments:

  • We built our client list from one company to over twenty
  • We added custom e-newsletters to the suite of print and web products we offer
  • We produced our first content-managed web site
  • We published advertisements in about a dozen different publications
  • Our website design for appears in Forbes Magazine
  • Our press release for Saint Paul Classic Cookie was picked up by the Star Tribune and featured on the cover of their business section
  • We worked with some brilliant photographers to shoot food (catering and cookies), fashion, and interiors for our clients
  • We created Flash presentations for web clients like the Semple Mansion and Chromis Fiberoptics

Thanks to everyone for a terrific year. We look forward to continuing our work as your partner in your marketing and design efforts in the years to come!