RIP, Williams Company Store Site


Williams Company Store award-winning website design by Mix CreativeSometimes, for reasons beyond our control, a company changes hands or goes out of business all together. While it’s certainly primarily the business owner’s concern, I find myself mourning the work we’ve done to help them shine. After all, a lot of work goes in to each of the brands we create! We sweat over each and every color, font, photograph and piece of code.

When a site is published, it’s like sending a child to school for the first time, with all of the worry and expectation on how it’ll be received. In the case of the Williams Company Store’s site, we not only sent our child off to school, but it went out and excelled—and came back with a Graphic Design USA American Graphic Design award!

And now, as the business has changed hands, the new owners have opted to make their own mark on the Williams Company Store brand, complete with their own designers. And without so much as a eulogy, our site design has been discarded into the great pixel bin in the sky.

So, I’ll remember the site here and thank former owner Pam Williams for the opportunity to create something together that had a bit of an impact in its short, digital life. Adieu! (*sniff!)


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