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At Mix Creative, our primary focus is working with direct-to-consumer companies, particularly in the retail industry. However, we’ve had opportunity over the years to work with select business-to-business companies and have found it to be quite rewarding. Literally, in fact—our website design for Halleland Habicht, PA won an American Graphic Design Award!

Here are some examples of our B2B work. Note: click on images to see larger examples.

  1. An early project for us was working with the upstart internet company, GoFishCommercial.com. The site achieved a significant amount of success in a short time, but ultimately was a victim of the early 2000s recession. A memorable comment from our client about the project was that the design of the site and accompanying collateral was “New York” design at Minnesota prices.

    Commercial real estate B2B example

    GoFishCommercial.com media kit, website refresh and direct mail design.

  2. We’ve partnered with marketing firms on several occasions to design collateral for their clients. One such firm was M Design Interactive, for whom we created many works, including this brand refresh for Anchor Capital Management and a brochure for a marketing firm in South Dakota that caters to hunting clubs.
    Anchor Capital Management brochure

    Anchor Capital Management brochure


    Above the Creek branding and brochure design

  3. Another marketing firm we’ve collaborated with in the early days of Mix was All Out Marketing. This firm specialized in medical markets. We created this over-sized brochure for one of their clients.


    Possis Medical brochure

  4. Chromis Fiberoptics has been, and continues to be, a client of Mix Creative. The firm first hired us to create custom graphics for their website. Since then, we’ve created dozens of custom illustrations, spec sheets, product sheet templates and more to help communicate their unique positioning in the fiber optics marketplace.


    Clockwise: Website Refresh, Illustrations and Diagrams

  5. Halleland Habicht is a current client. They came to Mix Creative to establish the look, feel and voice of their brand through their website design, advertising, communication pieces and more.


    Clockwise: Website, E-invitation, Pocket Folder, Print Advertisement

See other examples of our work on our portfolio page.


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