Six Big Things You Need To Do With Your Facebook page

6 tips for facebook

1) Log in as the page and “Like” Facebook pages of other similar or related businesses where your target audiences are likely to visit. Later, you’ll be following their streams by clicking on the “Home” tab at the top of the page and liking their posts, leaving thoughtful comments and sharing their posts on your page.

2) Begin posting on your page daily. Keep it chatty, not authoritative. You want people to be both excited about your brand. People like feeling like they’re a part of your success or inside story. Ideas:

  • Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to be funny.
  • Tell people what you’re excited about: is there a product or service that everyone is asking for right now? Did you discover a new use for an older product? Are you already hearing some great things? What are people asking you about your business? Publicly thank clients and vendors.
  • Post quick quotes
  • Let people know about any special offers you may have
  • Share articles related to your brand that people may find interesting. Make sure to note why you think they’re interesting to you!

3) Post photos. It’s OK if they’re snapshots, especially if they show something current that relates to your brand. With permission, feature a staff member or customer. Show what you’re working on, pictures of speaking engagements, a press kit you just got in the mail, etc. Repost funny photos or comics with a comment.

4) Use the Events tab to post information about upcoming speaking engagements or publicity events

5) Use the Notes tab to post related articles  (treat it kind of like a blog entry)

6) INVITE YOUR CONTACTS to like your page. Use the “Build Audience” tab at the top of the page.

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