Holiday Marketing Ideas: Part 2


Holiday MarketingHoliday Marketing Idea #8: Calendars are a popular holiday freebie. Why not branch out? There are tons of original promotional products out there that would be useful to your audiences and consistent with your brand. Get a budget in mind and call a promotional products expert—they’ll usually give you a handful of great ideas catered to you! My go-to gal is Freddie at

Holiday Marketing Idea #9: How about mailing out a gift guide, highlighting a few products and who they’d be perfect for? We just did one for client All Seasons Wild Bird Store:  Don’t forget to promote your gift guide on Facebook and Twitter!

Holiday Marketing Idea #10: Encourage customers to treat themselves while they’re shopping. Why? Studies show that once shoppers get past the first spending hurdle, they’re more likely to keep spending. Offer a gift or coupon with purchase.

Miss our first list? Here’s the link to ideas 1-7!

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