Holiday Marketing Ideas: Part 1

Holiday MarketingThe holidays are upon us, and if you’re a small retailer you know how important it is to capture the interest and the dollars of consumers this time of year. In case you’ve procrastinated your marketing plan, here are some tips—compiled from our Facebook page.

Holiday Marketing Idea #1: Create and photograph gift basket ideas using your products and post on Facebook and Pinterest

Holiday Marketing Idea #2: Encourage repeat visits by handing out a coupon for their next visit.

Holiday Marketing Idea #3: Send a Thanksgiving card (OR a Happy New Year card!) out to your current clients thanking them for their business. Consider including a photo of you and your staff, a special recipe for the holidays, a decorating or holiday stress-relieving tip or something thoughtful that represents your type of business. Note: do NOT use as sales pitch.

Holiday Marketing Idea #4: Consider offering free shipping, either from your website or purchases made in-store. A good promotion might be a weekend, or you could take part in “Free Shipping Day” on December 17. Remind people to buy local for out-of-town gifts!

Holiday Marketing Idea #5: Create a wish list postcard. Customers can list things on it they liked in your store, address it to a spouse or friend, and you mail it out. Fun!

Holiday Marketing Idea #6: Now’s a great time to step up the frequency of your email announcements to once a week. But keep ‘em short and sweet: highlight a new product (or service) and and suggest who it may be a good gift for. Include a subscriber-only offer (hint: dollar amounts are often more effective than % off specials).

Holiday Marketing Idea #7: From our friends in Stillwater…LOVE this idea: “Gents Night Thursday December 9th – send them down for shopping for the holidays & we’ll give them extra help & free gift wrap, and the can finish at The Historic Water Street Inn, The Grille and Charlie’s Irish Pub”.

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