Will the real women please step up?

From a Google search of “Girls’ Night Out”, here’s how marketers are attempting to reach the lucrative women’s market:

In contrast, what women themselves are posting on Pinterest. This is a snapshot from the “Popular” tab:

Notice any discrepancies? I sure do! 

• Women, in fact, don’t post images of things drenched in pink

• Women show a depth of interest in things they like. Sure, fashion is there, but so are inspirational quotes, ideas for Henna Tattoos, solutions for organizing, home projects, art projects, vintage finds, recipes, piercing ideas, upcycle ideas, rock posters and more.

Women show a depth of interests, with a focus on practicality

• Women, at least those posting on Pinterest, favor clean, classic fonts with lots of white space over whimsical, curly fonts

Classic fonts appear with frequency on Pinterest

• Women posting on Pinterest appreciate carefully crafted art and photography.


• As far as humor goes, sarcastic seems to get the most posts.

Sarcastic and snarky humor runs large on Pinterest

So what’s this mean? When marketing an event directly to women, we need to consider the real audience we’re marketing to, and not the stereotype we’re so accustomed to seeing, if we want to reach and appeal to this diverse and sophisticated diverse audience.

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  1. LOVE this post Katrina! I think sometimes people forget how varied our interests are (don’t get me wrong, glitter has its time and place haha). Great job.

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