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Did you know that most email services offer excellent customer education and support? Chances are, if you’re struggling, there’s a video or resource to show you how to do what you want to do. Here’s a sampling of some great tutorial guides and videos from two popular services.

Constant Contact Video Tutorials:

Getting Started

Getting Started with Email Marketing (7 min)
Hosting An Online Event (2 min)
The Help & Support Page(3 min)

Creating Your Email

Editing Your Email (5 min)
Footer Options (3 min)
Global Colors and Fonts (6 min)
Insert Anchor Tags (3 min)
Using Images and Documents in MyLibrary (2 min)
Insert PayPal Button(7 min)

Contact List Management

Getting Started with Contacts (6 min)
Importing a List (5 min)
The QuickImport for Microsoft Outlook (5 min)
Using InfoTransfer for ACT! (9 min)
Create a Join My Mailing List Box (8 min)
Customizing Your Join My Mailing List Form (6 min)
Using the Contact Capture Tool (4 min)
Using Constant Contact for Salesforce (8 min)
Using Infotransfer for Intuit Quickbooks(3 min)

Additional Features

Using Autoresponder (7 min)
Using Images and Documents in MyLibrary Plus (2 min)
Getting Started with Email Archive (12 min)


Mail Chimp Videos:

Email Marketing

How Not To Be A Bad Email Marketer 5:53
Email Marketing 101: Part 1 9:01
Email Marketing 101: Part 2 4:34
Email Marketing 101: Part 3 6:01
Email Marketing 101: Part 4 3:49


Lists: The Smart Approach 2:03
Lists: Dashboard Overview 3:34
Getting Started: Create a List 0:51
Import Your List 2:38
Segmentation 0:21
Sign Up Forms and Response Emails 2:16

Design Tips

How to Crop and Resize an Image 2:09
Design Tips: Tables and Clickable Image Maps 6:40
Design Tips: Creating Navigation Bars 5:18


Campaigns Dashboard 2:52
Building a Campaign 5:32
Autoresponders 2:23
RSS-to-Email 0:20
Image and File Gallery 1:04
Zip Uploads and URL Imports 0:33
Automagical Email Designer 0:56
Custom Template Language Tutorial 14:57


Introduction to Reports and Tracking 1:32
Getting Started: Reports 1:18
Analytics360 1:15
Campaign ROI Reports 0:27
VIP Reports 1:11


MailChimp Guides:

Email on Mobile Devices

Email Marketing Field Guide

Getting Started with MailChimp

How to Manage Your List

How To Use Google Analytics With MailChimp

Spam Lawsuits

How To Use Templates

MailChimp For Designers

Common Rookie Mistakes

MailChimp For Bloggers

Your First Email Marketing Project

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