How to Weather an Uncertain Economy

Weather an uncertain economyIn the current economic climate, companies may be tempted to scale back on their marketing efforts. For gosh sakes, Don’t! Now, more than ever, you need to get your message out to current and potential clients that your doors are open for business and that you’re doing just fine. If you simply must cut back on funds for marketing, here are five inexpensive solutions to get your message out (in fact, do these even if you’re flush with cash, they’re just good sense!):


1. Network. Show up early and often to business networking events and start meeting potential clients or making connections with people who can benefit your business. Print a busload of business cards and pass them out like candy on Halloween night.
2. Send out an E-Newsletter. The start-up fees and monthly dues are very affordable. Once you have your template, it’s a breeze to update and send on a regular basis. Just make sure that your newsletter offers a real value to your subscribers, or you’ll quickly end up in their spam box. Consider, for example, a coupon for goods and/or services.
3. Blog. Keeping a blog helps your company to be found organically through the search engines, and lets people know your areas of expertise. Write about current projects, upload industry white papers, show examples of your work, stream video, and much more! Mix Creative’s blog (through is completely  free!
4. Update your Website. Archive your e-newsletters on the site, add an e-newsletter sign-up form, update your client list/products/portfolio and get rid of out-of-date information.
5. Focus on Customer Service. Remind your customers through excellent service why your company is a good value. It’ll increase both your repeat customers and your referrals.

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