5 ways to rethink the standard business card

Tired of the same old business card? Get creative! Here are some great ways to break the business card mold and catch the attention of your audiences.Magnetize your business card

  1. ¬†Magnetize it.Pin It Why not harness the earth’s intrinsic polarity to influence others to let your card stick around?
  2. ¬†Make it a gift card. Your services are valuable, why shouldn’t your cards be? Prospective clients and current customers alike will appreciate receiving a business card printed with your contact information on one side and a gift card for your services on the other. Consider either a cash gift or an offer redeemable for a promotional item, which will be viewed as more valuable than percentage off offers.
  3. Luggage tag business cardShow off your product.Pin ItOwn a nursery? Consider printing your cards on seed-embedded paper that can be planted. Sell stationery? Make the other side of your card a gift tag. Travel agent? Why not make the reverse of your card a luggage tag insert? Recipients will remember your innovation.
  4. Customize it to your networking event. Frequent the same BNI group, Chamber event or Women in Networking get together each month? Customize the back of your card to say “Great to meet you at the WIN event!” It’ll help to jog the memory of people you give the card to.Mini brochure card
  5. Opt for a mini-brochure that folds to a standard business card size.Pin It
    You can include bullet points of your services, photos of your work, or even a map to your location inside. It’s unexpected, and likely to be kept if it’s a valuable reference.


With printing prices dropping, there’s no need to have a “one-card-fits-all” philosophy. Order several types of cards for different occasions or prospects; your creativity will be remembered!

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