Video Parody Holds Lessons for Marketing to Women


This video, a parody about common phrases women say, was meant to amuse but it’s got me thinking about marketing to women. When I first saw this video, posted by a friend in my Facebook stream, I couldn’t stop watching it—I think I’ve said most of those things (except “Twinsies!”) at one point or another! After watching it several times it occurred to me why I enjoyed it so much: these comedians were clearly paying attention to women: not only what we say, but our mannerisms, the way we dress for different social occasions, and the differences between how we behave around the men and the other women in our lives. I’m not alone in my enjoyment of the video: to date it has nearly 2 million views, and has been accumulating likes and reshares on Facebook, almost exclusively by women.

Imagine if companies marketing to women took the time and effort to understand their audiences as well as the comedians in the video, instead of guessing what they think we might want. Perhaps they’d stop creating women’s versions of men’s shavers by simply putting flowers on them, or creating a “girl’s” website version of a computer site (Dell’s tragic “Della” experiment). With women’s 85% share of buying power in the market, one could argue its in companies’ best interests to get to know women well—really well—as the writers and actors in this video has done. Sure, it’s more work, but the payoff can be substantial for those who take the time to get to know women and market to them in a way that connects with us as this video has done.

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2 Responses to “Video Parody Holds Lessons for Marketing to Women”

  1. Jen Drexler says:

    Did you see the version of what guys said? I felt like it had a few glimmers of brilliance but wasn’t nearly as accurate. Sort of a bummer because guys rattle of some gems too. My favorite from the female version was “is this hummus?”

    • Mix Creative says:

      Hey Jen, thanks for the comment! Just took a look at the “guys” version and I agree…seems more cliche and less of a “field study.” So funny…after watching the video, my friends and I are saying “Twinsies!” now, where we didn’t before.

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