New Work: Surround Sound Concert Poster


Surround Sound Concert Poster

Mix Creative designed a concert poster for the upcoming Twin Cities Women’s Choir’s 15th Anniversary concert, Surround Sound. The concert will celebrate the choir’s 150 women’s voice and the richess of stories and sound established over the choir’s 15 years. The concert will blend with the gospel/jazz of the Bruce A Henry band.

In creating the design, Mix Creative’s creative director, Katrina Hase, conceptualized sound as waves, emanating from a central source: the choir’s 15 years. “Sound wave” design elements lead the eye toward the concert name, which is intentionally broken after the SUR- to emphasize the relationship between “round” and “sound”, thus implying a fullness of the auditory experience. Superimposing these graphic elements over a duo-toned image of the choir, the design captures a sense of the excitement of viewing the choir.

Hase referenced the Choir’s brand elements through use of the brand’s color palette, solid bars, brand mark, and brand fonts (text about location, etc.). “The challenge in designing a poster for the Twin Cities Women’s Choir,” Hase explained, “is to create an exciting and independent sub-brand—the concert—while staying true to the Choir’s overall branding.”

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