Recent Work: Bar Menu


Sometimes quick, small projects like this bar menu for last May’s The Green Awards ceremony allow a designer like myself to experiment and play a bit. This one stood out for me for a few of reasons:

  • Less traditional layout. Alternating left and right justification gives this piece an edgier feel while still having an overall sense of balance.
  • Contemporary fonts. I’ve been itching to use Hypatia Sans Pro since I first laid eyes on it. This beautiful, thin font features friendly curves and tiny slab serif accents for a look that is both elegant and friendly. For contrast, I selected to make headlines in all lowercase and subheads in all caps. Descriptions are in upper and lower case.
  • Soft colors. I selected a soft blue and green to complement the bright green and blue colors of The Green Awards brand. In this way, the menu looks appropriate in the setting, while maintaining a separate identity.

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