Fun Interactive Direct Mail Piece


Looking for graphic design inspiration? Katrina Hase of Mix Creative shares a fun, interactive mailer she received from Hyundai recently. (Please forgive the mirrored type—we’re new to this video thing!

Here’s a transcript:

My name is Katrina Hase and I’m the owner of Mix Creative.

Today I just wanted to share with you a mailer that I received from Hyundai and thought was really interesting, because it reminded me that a little interactivity or motion in your design can be an asset in getting the attention of your audiences.

So: here’s the piece:

When you first look at the piece, you see it says “Has your brain been carwashed?” And it says “Turn the tab; discover the truth.”
The little words down here say, “Compact cars fine just the way they are…compact cars are fine just the way they are….”

So anyway…without further ado, we turn the tab and, shoosh just like an old children’s book, …and there’s the car. It’s the payoff: you get to see a picture of the car and it says “Snap out of it.”

Simple. Probably not cheap to produce, but it got me and my family talking about it.

So, and when you open it up, you can see….

That they follow through on the idea of the spinning with their headline and their graphics. And then they get more into the details of the car: the big WOW picture, and then more details of the car.

We actually did take the time to look at the whole brochure. It’s fun to hold, there’s a good weight to the paper, and it’s got some good photography.

So: job well done, Hyundai! And maybe we can take something from this.

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