Announcing Mix Creative’s newest website design

Mix Creative is proud to announce the launch of our newest website design for the Minneapolis law firm, Halleland Habicht PA.

Halleland Habicht website design by Mix Creative
The site design centers on the theme that Halleland Habicht is a part of their clients’ teams; Halleland Habicht staff go the extra mile, getting to know the client and their needs. The design expresses the team approach and a sense of going the extra mile with warm colors and dynamic images. Headlines emphasize the firm’s dedication to their clients, while the rest of the copy reinforces the underlying conviction that the client comes first. The HH icon pulls together the site structure, embracing the content and providing a subtle message of the unexpected/change with the two levels of the Hs. Rounded corners throughout the design express informality, while circles echo the HH icon circle. A subtle HH pattern in the background gives the site depth, texture and movement, suggesting upward motion.

The site also features original photography, shot on location at Halleland Habicht’s offices by Rod Wilson of Andrews Photography in collaboration with Mix Creative. The wide, panoramic nature of the site photos demanded a fresh take on the standard head shot. The resulting images convey the personality of the firm and the individual staff in a truly unique manner.

The homepage features a news/events callout box that includes recent posts and links to the blog page. People pages feature a search function for finding staff by name or area of law.


  • Art Direction: Katrina Hase
  • Copywriting: Barb Prindle
  • Photography: Rod Wilson of Andrews Photography
  • Site programming/development: Steven Ray

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5 Responses to “Announcing Mix Creative’s newest website design”

  1. WONDERFUL website. Such fresh and symbolic design! I absolute love hearing what great things happen when WIN members come together.

  2. Mix Creative says:

    Thank you, Teresa! They’re really a great group of people, too!

  3. Carolyn Marshall says:

    Great website! Clean, edgy design. Easy to maneuver about.

  4. Tai Goodwin says:

    Beautiful design Katrina! Congratulations on putting a smile on our client’s face :-)

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