Why I love this ad


I came across this ad while browsing Travel & Leisure magazine, and simply loved it! Here’s why:

  • It’s a nice combination of strong visual/minimal text. The ad accomplishes its purpose without overwhelming the viewer with too much information. A great example of less is more.
  • The image is eye-catching and unexpected. The dramatic colors, lighting, and movement in the image make you look twice. It looks like it was shot by a professional custom for the client (vs. a stock photo).
  • There’s pay-off for the viewer. It took me a moment to determine what the image was conveying. When I read their headline, I enjoyed the cleverness of the visual analogy.
  • It’s brand-focused. This ad conveys the company’s brand promise more than it’s products and services: we’ll make you feel comfortable even when you’re far from home. It appeals to the traveler’s emotional needs.
  • Good tie-in. The nature-based image also ties in nicely with their tagline, “It’s in our nature.”

This ad stood out within the pages of Travel & Leisure. While ad after ad shows beaches, reception areas, and guest rooms, this one took a risk and steered clear entirely from typical imagery. The result, in my opinion, is that the risk paid off.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments!

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