Bringing Social Media to Print


Companies love Facebook and Twitter for their relative low cost, in-an-instant publishing, and ability to create a dialogue with their audiences. So much is the love of all things Social, that print publications—who rely on print advertisers—have fretted much over the last couple of years about their livelihood.

Well, in a strange and rare leap from Social to Traditional media, Bioré Skincare seems to have found a formula that’s a win-win for both camps.

In the ad for Bioré Skincare, the company created an ad that’s little more than a screen shot of their Bioré Skincare Facebook page. The company posted a question to its wall, then printed what appears to be the first 17 of 60 comments praising the product. Brilliant!

Biore Ad taken from Facebook post

Click on the ad to see a larger image

The advantages here are clear:

  1. Their customers are doing the advertising for them
  2. People viewing the ad are more likely to believe the testimonials, since they’re from “real” people
  3. They had little need for design or copywriting assistance (boo!)
  4. People viewing the ad are likely to relate to the recognizable Facebook layout
  5. They have a built-in campaign; all they need to do is post a new question and use the same ad format

However, now that the MOST OBVIOUS bridge from online to in-hand has been made, it’s up to companies to translate the concept in a less literal way. And the question remains: will other companies embrace the concept of bringing social media to print ads, or is this an isolated occurrence?

Perhaps Twitter post billboard series are in our future…

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