Our Best Marketing Decision of 2010

It’s something of a December tradition here at Mix Creative to reflect on the what we’ve learned over the year, so here goes: the best decision we made at Mix Creative this year was to update our own website. Here’s why:

  1. More user-friendly. Clear page titles, an easy-to-navigate portfolio with examples (lots of ‘em!) by category, an archive of e-newsletters, and an integrated blog are just some of the new, user-friendly features in the Mix 2.0 site.
  2. More SEO friendly. By integrating a blog onto our site url instead of hosting it at WordPress.com, we’re benefiting from a lot more direct traffic from search engines. Plus, we’ve got a lot more indexed content for Google to crawl through, thanks to an e-newsletter archive, blog posts, and an increased number of pages in the new site. As an added benefit to our SEO, we’ve installed the WordPress SEO pack, Google tracking codes, made rich page titles, descriptions and keywords, and boosted our ranking through the same process we conduct for our clients.
  3. Integrated social media. The new site practices what we preach to our clients, making it easy for users to sign up for our e-newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our blog.
  4. Updated coding. The new site is built in a WordPress environment, making updates a snap and providing access to great plug-ins like site statistics, subscriptions, and more.
  5. A more professional presence. The new design looks less homespun than our original site and better reflects the type of work we do for our clients.

At this point, you may be thinking, “All right already! You like your site. So what?” Well listen up, there’s something you need to hear:

We paid good money for this site. Yep, you heard me right. Although we designed the site, we invested our own cash into having it programmed by our own exceptional developer to make all the 1s and 0s fall in line. And here’s the deal: we’re already seeing a return on our investment with better conversion rates, more hits, and better brand awareness.

Spending good money on your business, especially in a sluggish economy, can be a tough choice to make. But with the right team and the right branding, your money can go a long way toward presenting a professional image that speaks of confidence and edges out competitors.

So…what will be the best marketing decision of your company in 2011?

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