When is it time for a brand refresh?

For years, you’ve built brand equity through consistent design and strategic marketing. The result? Audiences understand the unique value your company provides. So why consider a brand refresh?

1) Your company has changed. Companies evolve over time—they grow, add technology, products and/or services, reach out to new audiences, and even possibly revisit their business philosophy and mission. A brand refresh is critical to communicate these changes, to provide a wider umbrella over the different aspects of your business, and to reach out with intention to new target audiences.

2) Your old brand feels dated. Much like fashion, graphic aesthetics are prone to fads. The result? Yesterday’s logo, which seemed so high-tech with its gradients and drop shadows, can begin to feel as dated as neon shaker knit sweaters with stretch pants.

3) Your brand has become too familiar. Sometimes a company’s brand can become so well recognized that it may fail to register with audiences over the years. Or, it can become lost among imitators that dilute your brand image. A creative campaign accompanied by a brand refresh can serve as a splash of cool water to wake up audiences to rediscover your products and/or services and set you apart, once again, from your competitors.

So what’s next? A successful brand refresh builds on your brand equity through subtle updates that register with consumers. It needn’t be dramatic; often it can be achieved by simplifying the art, updating the font, or revisiting the colors. It . See some great examples logo refreshes of large corporations at the LogoDesignLove blog.

And here’s an example from our files, Peapods Natural Toys and Baby Goods.

Old Peapods Logo

New Peapods Logo

Is your company ready for a brand refresh? Give us a call—we’d love to chat with you about it!

3 Responses to “When is it time for a brand refresh?”

  1. Wonderful thoughts – especially as I am hearing from more and more business people that are in the midst of change with their businesses. Strategic partnerships, joint business ventures and flat out growth (Yay!).
    You make an important point that it need not be an expensive or expansive venture – sometimes a modest adjustment can speak volumes (and not break the marketing/communication budget.)

  2. Mary Wertz says:

    Your redesign is more than rebranding–it is the start of brand itself. The childhood evocative type, the fresh green and the illusions to bubbles instantly draw a picture of clean, fun products. Great Job!

  3. Mix Creative says:

    Thanks, Mary…means a lot coming from another creative like yourself!

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