Guest Lecture: Starting a Design Business

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Bill Hendrick’s Freelance Design Business class at Minneapolis Community and Technical College today! We spoke on topics common to first year businesses, graphic design-focused or other. Topics included:

  • Options for freelancing: Use a creatives broker? Sell a pre-packaged product? Work directly with clients?
  • Assembling your business plan: The who, what, when, where, why, how, and how much?
  • Target audiences: You get to choose who you work with!
  • Defining your brand: Determining your brand description, brand story, services, voice, and visual elements.
  • Business infrastructure: Estimates, invoices, proposals, portfolio, business account, contracts, and accounting software
  • Finding and winning clients: From cold calling to networking in person and online

Students had great questions and tips, too! I wish you all success and hope to hear from you about your progress.

Oh! And if you’d like to get to know the students from a fine art perspective, check out their collective show this Friday, Feb 5, at the Fallout Gallery (26th and Stevens Ave near the Minneapolis Institute of Art). The opening reception begins at 7pm.

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