Business card sizes around the world

Who knew? Business card dimensions vary around the world. Designing for a foreign land? Here’s a quick guide, thanks to Nigel French, via the InDesign Magazine Tip of the Week newsletter:

TIP: Sizing Up Business Cards Around the World
Are you creating business cards for other regions of the world but don’t know the standard card sizes for those regions? Well, now you do!

Australia, New Zealand (1.636 aspect ratio): 90mm x 55mm / 3.54 inches x 2.165 inches
China (1.667 aspect ratio): 90mm x 54mm / 3.543 inches x 2.125 inches
Czech Republic, Hungary (1.8 aspect ratio): 90mm x 50mm / 3.543 inches x 1.968 inches
Europe (1.545 aspect ratio): 85mm x 55mm / 3.346 inches x 2.165 inches
Japan (1.655 aspect ratio): 91mm x 55mm / 3.582 inches x 2.165 inches
US, Canada, Netherlands (1.75 aspect ratio): 89mm x 51mm / 3.5 inches x 2 inches

- Nigel French

Remember to keep in mind that these are trim sizes—make sure to add a bleed! Check with your printer for specifications.

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