Creating an avatar

Recently, I had the fun assignment to create an avatar for a professional speaker. Here’s the process I followed.

1) The client gave me a photograph taken at her last speaking engagement (courtesy Wendy Hauser Blomseth):


2) From the photo, I created a line drawing sketch. I scanned in the sketch and used it as a guide in Illustrator to create filled shapes:


3) Next, I reduced the amount of information in the drawing—by eliminating fine details—so it would translate well to a smaller size used for online icons. Then, I created for color schemes from which to select:


4) Finally, I presented the client with the final concepts for her to use in her various social media profiles:


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One Response to “Creating an avatar”

  1. I love this collaborative process and end result.
    Katrina you are so talented.

    And just FYI Google Alert searched my name and sent this to me,
    isn’t that great collaboration, too???

    Look forward to seeing you soon.

    Wendy Blomseth

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