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Calling all business owners, marketing professionals, graphic designers, web programmers, design students, and more!

Speak up about what confuses you about graphic design. Maybe it’s trying to understand what you’re designer is talking about (What the heck is PMS, and why does my designer keep asking me for mine?), submitting files to a printer (why did my margins get cut off??), updating your website (Why can’t I use my own fonts? or What’s CMS?), or even just trying to decide where to spend your marketing budget (Does anyone even print stationery any more?).

Here’s my invitation: ask us your burning questions about graphic design, and we’ll publish the question with an answer right here in this blog! Please keep the questions clean and graphic design/marketing related. And while questions are always appreciated, please submit questions for this column by April 28, 2009.


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  1. Thanks so much for this opportunity to ‘ask the expert’!

    I want to create a cartoon for my website and for products to sell to clients and on the web. The caption will read: “Due to a typing error, the U.S. sends in the Maureens.” How do I know where to begin in deciding on images?

    I want it to be simple, whimsical, memorable and something that people would find fun to have on a tote bag. But I also want it to showcase my business: Send In Maureen Organizing Services. Any suggestions on where to begin?

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