We’ve just completed a fun web project that we’d like to share with you! The site is For this project, our client came to us with a strong vision for the homepage: she was looking for an animated “super-hero”-like person who’s sitting at her desk and offers to help you. She wanted the office itself to be clickable and interactive.

Our initial concept for the Connection Concierge homepage

The challenge for this project was to create an interactive, animated homepage, without using Flash programming—which would have been the logical choice, but is cost prohibitive. Our solution was to create sections of the homepage as animated gifs that swap in when the cursor rolls over that portion of the image. While low-tech, it created the same feeling our client was going for, while sparing her the expense of hours and hours of Flash programming.

For the illustrations, we printed out a photo of Connection Concierge’s owner, Teresa, traced the contours and added our own details with a Sharpie marker on Graphics 360 marker paper. Then, we scanned the image and brought it into Illustrator. Using a combination of Live Trace and the pen tool, we created the vector art and added color. We repeated this process for the office (thanks, Beata Rydeen for letting me snap some photos of your space!), and the various objects within the office.

The back end of the site was built initially in html and will be converted to CMS shortly, so our client will be able to update the site herself.

We’re pleased with the results of the site so far, but better yet—our client is happy! We thank her for such a fun project.

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  1. Katrina did an exceptional job with the website! It turned out to be everything I wanted and more. She understood and conveyed perfectly the fun, friendly, helpful individualized experience provide for our clients. I can’t say enough how pleased I have been with every step of the process. Katrina is an amazing designer!

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