Don't be afraid to mix it up

Loyal followers of this blog may have noticed a. . .ahem. . .substantial decrease in the number of blog postings in the last month. Well, sometimes life happens, and it slows you down a bit. In this case, it’s because we’re getting ready to sell the home we’ve been in for the last 13 years.

So anyway. . .in 13 years in this little house in Northeast Minneapolis, we’ve made a lot of changes: we’ve added a patio, we landscaped the yard, we finished our basement, we’ve upgraded appliances, and we’ve painted nearly every single wall in the house. But never have I seen change like I witnessed today, when Lori Anderson, the striking Swede with her own cleaning and staging company, swept through our house with a whirlwind of accessories and turned our house from drab to fab in a matter of hours.

OK, so you’re probably wondering. . .what does this have to do with marketing my company? Well, watching her work her interior design magic gave me a revelation. Every room she touched, she added punches of color here and there. Unexpected color. Out-of-the-palette color. Color-that-makes-you-a-little uncomfortable-but-yet strangely-compels-you color.

Which made me think: in our 13 years of living in this house, have we become too complacent with our design choices?

OK. . . so finally. . . the application to your business. You may find yourself complacent, dutifully sticking to your brand standards, preparing documents, PowerPoints and creating ads within the usual standards. But today I’ll suggest: mix it up a little! Add a new color! Integrate a new texture! Be consistent, but don’t be afraid to spice things up a little. When we step out of our familiar boundaries, sometimes beautiful things result. And perhaps. . . buyers will take note!

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