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With video compression technology becoming more sophisticated in its ability to turn large video files into web-friendly file formats, it’s now possible for nearly anyone to include video on your website. But should you include video on your site? Here’s what video can do for you:

1. Give you more visibility. Through video, audiences get to see more aspects of your business, whether it’s a tour of your facility or facets of your or your company’s personality.

2. Provide entertainment. Videos can allow your company to show off their creativity, as well as their products and services. A good script writer, combined with excellent videography and editing can really make your business shine to prospective clients.

3. Create a multi-sensory experience. Video appeals to multiple senses at once, allowing a more active connection with your audiences. Viewers are likely to stay engaged longer because they aren’t simply reading.

Thinking about making a video? See the following offer from Women in Networking!

Create Your Own Promotional Video
An affordable special opportunity to market on a whole new level!

Tuesday, February 24
Time: Reserve the time slot that works for you
Shoot location: InBeaute Photography Studio, St. Paul

WIN is excited to offer a one-day, one-stop video shoot, where WIN members can create a professionally produced video (complete with make-up artist, teleprompter and lighting in a professional studio) for marketing their own businesses on a whole new level and be set apart from their competition.

More and more, clients are searching for businesses through the internet. What would happen if you took some of your marketing dollars earmarked for outdated marketing that isn’t working for you (e.g. one time print ads, phone book) and shifted it over to interactive marketing where clients could get a sense of who you are and what you do?

By collaborating with new member, Brenda Piekarski of Pixelle8 Media, WIN members can receive their very own video for just $290. (To shoot a video on your own, it would easily cost well over $1000 per person with the cameras, teleprompter, lights, makeup, studio, editing). Brenda is a professional videographer experienced in working with business professionals and executives with companies such as Carlson Companies.

Your personal video shoot includes:

High quality video shot with white background that you can use to promote your business again and again such as on your website, blog and at tradeshows

Professional makeup application with Christina Snead from Blink! Christina will bring out your best clean, professional image with makeup specially suited for video

Teleprompter so that you can follow your script while maintaining eye contact with the camera

Editing to a polished 30-60 second video ready to go for your marketing

BONUS: If you would like to provide a video testimonial -no extra charge- about your experience with Women In Networking, you’ll get added visibility through WIN’s marketing and website!
Time-slots are limited. Reserve your video shoot soon so that you can be included in this incredible opportunity!

$290 WIN members/$990 guests

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