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Mix Creative has relationships with several environmentally responsible printers that participate in the Printing Industry of Minnesota’s Great Printer Environmental Initiative, a voluntary effort by printers to demonstrate their commitment to minimize their company’s impact on human health and the environment while producing quality printed products for their customers. According to the Printing Industry of Minnesota’s website, Great Printers go beyond what is required by government regulatory agencies in environmental, health and safety compliance. Great Printers are green printers, and must meet the following criteria:

1) Sign the PIM Great Printer Environmental Initiative Principles.
This commits the company to:complying with all applicable environmental, health and safety requirements; going beyond compliance by minimizing wastes, reusing or recycling waste that cannot be prevented and maximizing energy efficiency; and pursuing continuous environmental, health and safety improvements.

2) Complete an Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Audit annually or once every 36 months if they have a written and effective environmental management system ( EMS) in place that meets the PIM Great Printer Environmental Initiative EMS Plan Requirements.

3) Pursue Beyond Compliance Projects:
The company must have completed at least one beyond compliance project within the last five years and must currently be working on at least two other beyond compliance projects, one beyond compliance project if a company is renewing their participation in the initiative.  Beyond compliance projects are those projects that a company undertakes that have either an environmental
or an employee health or safety benefit to them.

To read more about the Great Printer Environmental Initiative, and to find additional printers not listed here, please visit the Printing Industry of Minnesota’s website: http://www.pimn.org/environment/greatprinter.htm

Mix Creative recommends the following printers, all of which are FSC certified and voluntary members of the Great Printer Environmental Initiative:

Bolger Vision Beyond Print
Minneapolis, MN
Rep: Tammy Sly, 651.334.0739

Shapco Printing
Minneapolis, MN
Rep: Dana Hackett, 612.278.1534

Visions Print Communications
Plymouth, MN
Rep: Stuart Weeldryer, 612.701.7769

We also recommend:
Upfront Printing
In addition to being FSC certified, UpFront is innovative in finding ways to reduce waste throughout the printing process, while also using sustainable fibers and inks.
Minneapolis, MN
Rep: Mark Toskey, 612.884.0204

An addendum:

Yay! Since I wrote this post, I received an e-newsletter from 48hourprint.com—one of my go-to sites for inexpensive printing—saying they are now a green printer. You can read more about it on their website. This is great news to me, because it means that environmentally-friendly printing doesn’t just need to be for premium press jobs.

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