So you want to make an e-newsletter

E-newsletters are a fabulous way to stay in front of your core audiences. When they’re done correctly, they provide a value to your clients and send the message of “hey! when you’re not using my services, here’s some cool stuff that you can do.” That said, I’ve had people tell me that they don’t get sales or calls off of e-newsletters. That’s not what they’re there for. E-newsletters are a self-promotion tool that keeps your business in the minds of your clients, so that when a job does come up, you’re the one they think of.

Here are some tips for creating an effective e-newsletter campaign:

  • Once a month is a good frequency. Anything more is a nuisance; less has reduced impact.
  • Provide quick, informative content in your clients’ field of interest. Consider questions they may be having right now, and provide insight.
  • Archive your e-newsletters on your website.
  • Think of providing at least one essay, and a few (2-3) sidebar tips
  • Consider promoting one of your clients in an e-newsletter. (“Did you know that X company does. . .”)
  • Point people to useful links
  • Make your subject lines descriptive. Avoid marketing buzz words, which tend to get zapped by spam filters

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